Consulting firm KPMG is launching a $ 1.5 billion three-year investment program to develop solutions to environmental, social and governance issues (ESGs). and support customers in solving them.

According to a press release issued by AGERPRES on Wednesday, KPMG will set up regional ESG offices in Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas to support customers in setting and achieving these goals.

The investment program envisages the formation and expansion of KPMG’s global workforce, capitalizing on data, accelerating the development of new technologies and stimulating action through partnerships, alliances and support, the statement said.

According to KPMG, the key to the transformation will be to incorporate the ESG approach into the company and the development of solutions proposed to customers.

KPMG’s new global ESG strategy focuses on five priority areas: Solutions, Training, Supporting Developing Countries, Collaborations and Alliances, Listening and Action.

Regarding the “Solutions” section, the new teams that will be set up by KPMG for ESG will focus on: global decarbonization, helping large multinational companies meet their goal of net zero commitment and plan their decarbonization process ; global ESG consulting, supported by consulting teams from KPMG member firms, providing far-reaching ESG expertise, including leadership on societal issues and solutions; KPMG’s investment in its state-of-the-art climate and ESG solutions and technologies, including Climate IQ, a digital tool that helps customers identify opportunities and risks from climate change; In addition, KPMG will develop its own work technology in audit engagements to enable the provision of services in the ESG area in quality and rigor similar to those applied to the financial audit activity.

At the “Professional Training” level, the company will provide ESG training to all 227,000 KPMG employees, so that everyone can become a vector of positive change. As part of this training, KPMG works with two academic institutions worldwide – the University of Cambridge Judge Business School and NYU Stern Executive Education, according to

In terms of “Supporting Developing Countries”, KPMG will launch KPMG Emerging Markets Accelerators, for the development of the nations of the Eastern Mediterranean, Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. The purpose of these accelerators for emerging markets is to ensure that areas of the world lacking expertise and resources will have a reliable adviser to support their economic and social development in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the KPMG said in a statement.

At the “Collaborations and Alliances” level, KPMG recognizes that the world’s problems will not be solved by a single organization, which is why the global organization relies on collaboration with external organizations, including UNESCO, Enactus and the Global Reporting Initiative. Through partnerships with Google Cloud, Microsoft and ServiceNow, KPMG contributes to the development of new tools and solutions that will provide critical, data-based information that customers can use to design their ESG priorities and implement vital changes to and fulfill commitments.

In the field of “Listening and Action”, KPMG is launching a new campaign called “Voices for a Sustainable Future”, providing a platform to amplify the views of established and new thinkers, giving voice to critical issues – from climate change to climate change. gender and race equality is stated in the KPMG communiqué.

The country manager partner for Romania of KPMG, Ramona Jurubiţă, specified that in this program, entitled “KPMG: Our Impact Plan”, is included the idea of ​​providing UNESCO resources for the development of education, at global level, on environmental subjects, social and governance issues.

“‘KPMG: Our Impact Plan’ was generated by KPMG’s need to meet the ESG requirements of relevant stakeholders. Post-pandemic support of communities through resilience and economic efficiency Perhaps the most enticing part of the plan is to provide UNESCO with resources for the dissemination and development of continuing education globally. for all these objectives, the ‘KPMG Impact Plan’ makes a significant contribution “, commented Ramona Jurubiţă.

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