By Claudiu Loghin.
Published: 30.06.2021, 16:31.

Updated: 30.06.2021, 16:31

Tourists who want to spend the weekend in Poiana Brasov and do not want to go hiking, but still want to admire the fabulous landscapes, can take a double-decker bus to take them to the tops of the mountains. The trip offers tourists the opportunity to see the city from above, to enjoy the fresh air and the fairytale lands. So for only six lei, how much does the trip cost, people leave with unforgettable memories.

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The discovered bus takes you from Brașov to the resort in less than 30 minutes. It is half an hour in which we can enjoy the impressive landscapes of Bârsa Country. In addition, we see from above the entire historic center of the city.

Claudiu Loghin, reporter: The bus has a total capacity of 88 seats, and the places with the best view are here, at the upper deck, the trip takes a little over 20 minutes and costs six lei. It is the normal tariff between Brasov and Poiana Brasov.

Local: You go up there and see the beauty. Go in the car? Go upstairs on it.

Tourist: I really noticed a novelty. I looked, like in England, it’s amazing. It’s completely different.

Tourist: I guess it’s very nice to sit upstairs, convertible, in the fresh air. I guess and comfortable.

Relu Scoican, bus driver: Probably some were not, the curiosity is great and upstairs, upstairs is very beautiful. The children take their parents out of the house for the first floor. Clean air, view and especially at the three parking lots, where Brasov looks great.

The double-decker bus leaves from Livada Postei and stops in Poiana. He will do about nine races a day, and the first will be this weekend.

Sorin Toarcea, spokesman Brașov City Hall: It is an open double decker, which means that tourists and Brasov residents who have not yet managed to go with it will be able to see everything that means the road to Poiana Brasov, in a space discovered and at height. The sensation is special.

The double-decker bus will run on weekends and during public holidays, from 9.20 am to 6.20 pm, until the end of the season.

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