Raed Arafat said on Wednesday evening, at Victoria Palace, that in Romania almost 30% of the citizens are vaccinated, which is a small enough percentage to allow us to watch the fourth wave of the pandemic. Unfortunately, the head of DSU acknowledged that we are at the bottom of the European ranking in terms of the percentage of vaccinated.

When the restrictions and the green certificate will be waived

Raed Arafat was asked when Romania could give up anti-Covid-19 restrictions and access to various public spaces based on the green certificate. The head of DSU explained that in order to be safe, 70% of citizens should be vaccinated, and this is impossible at the moment, so in Romania only 30% have been vaccinated. Moreover, Raed Arafat claims that this modest percentage is found in Europe only among Bulgarians, which is felt in the aggressive impact that the fourth wave has on the health system.

“Countries, abroad, have not given up the green certificate, most of them still use it, for example, European countries, but the percentage, to be quiet, to know that we do not have a serious impact on the health system, remains 70%. The easier the variant is to spread, the higher the percentage must be. However, we are still at about 30%. We are, together with Bulgaria, we even represent the queue for the number and percentage of vaccinated and I think we are paying the price for this at this moment “, explained Raed Arafat.

Raed Arafat, new information on the Order suspending non-emergency interventions

The head of DSU clarified the order that limits hospitalizations and surgeries that are not an emergency. The explanations come after PSD requested the convening of a meeting of the reunited Permanent Bureaus of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, with the participation of the interim Minister of Health, Cseke Attila, the head of the Department for Emergency Situations, Raed Arafat, but also the chairmen of the parliamentary health commissions. finding legislative solutions regarding those patients whose access to Health was limited by this Order.

“I want to emphasize once again certain aspects regarding the order to limit medical activity in hospitals, in terms of elective cases. Again, I want to emphasize what I said at the briefing, the order does not close the hospitals, it does not close the outpatient services that remain open and are not mentioned in the order.

People who have problems and want to be consulted go on the normal line, family doctor and then referral to the specialist. The order prioritizes between cases that can be postponed and the situation in which we find ourselves with cases that need support from intensive care, “said Raed Arafat on Wednesday evening.

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