A landslide occurred on DN 1A Brașov – Ploiești, at km 168, between Vălășoaia and the border with Prahova County, the landslide being produced against the background of heavy rains in recent days.

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According to the images, the landslide affected the edge of the road on a length of about 30-40 meters, after the Tărlung river washed the body of the road at km 168.

According to IPJ Brașov, road traffic is restricted for vehicles with a maximum authorized mass of more than 7.5 tons. This is the only truck route, after the Azuga restriction. DN 73 and DN 10 are also prohibited for trucks.

The representatives of DRDP Brașov transmitted that in the respective area, the riverbed was getting closer to the road area and unfortunately no regularization works were carried out. So in the area the road did not need reinforcement until now because it was quite far from the riverbed.

DRDP Brașov also said that it will intervene urgently during the day to stabilize the slope of the road with fillings, but work will also be required in the riverbed to be done by the competent authorities.

Article made with information and images obtained by the Observator reporter Claudiu Loghin.

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