The Nordis Travel travel agency, part of the Nordis group, a real estate developer specialized in the construction of luxury real estate founded by Emanuel Poştoacă, has sold 24 private jet flights since the beginning of this year. The travel agency was launched at the beginning of 2021, and for this year it estimates sales of tourist packages worth 7 million euros.

“More than 450 tourists have already gone on holiday with us, so far we have sold 24 private jet flights and many other exclusive stays, and the new tourist packages we talked about give us the confidence that we will reach this goal of sales, ”says Anca Drugan, managing partner & CEO of Nordis Travel.

The travel agency currently operates with a office in Bucharest, but the development plans of the travel agency are mainly aimed at expanding the team, but also opening new offices in the country.

Since the launch of the travel agency,, the most expensive package sold by Nordis Travel was 120,000 euros, a complete package for four people in North Island Seychelles.

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