3.2 million tourists stayed in hotels and guesthouses in the country in the first half of the year, an increase of 52.4% over last year.

The serious thing is that, out of the total, foreign tourists registered a percentage of only 6%. On the other hand, the departures of Romanians abroad, registered at the border, were 4.4 million.

By country, most arrivals of foreign tourists staying in tourist accommodation with accommodation functions came from Germany (23.9 thousand), Italy (18.7 thousand) and France (12.7 thousand).

Brasov, in the top of tourists’ preferences

The most recorded arrivals of tourists in the first semester were in Brasov (424.6 thousand people) Bucharest (326.9 thousand people) and Constanta (198.9 thousand people).

Next are the counties of Prahova (176.4 thousand people), Bihor (169.7 thousand people), Suceava (158.2 thousand people), Vâlcea (149.8 thousand people), Cluj (145.0 thousand people).

The overnight stays of tourists registered higher values ​​in Braşov (827.9 thousand), Constanța (606.5 thousand), Bucharest (558.2 thousand), Bihor (421.2 thousand), Vâlcea (374.2 thousand) and Prahova ( 357.2 thousand).

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