Bucharest – Poienile Izei… 626 km. The farthest place in Romania where I had the opportunity to arrive. Bucharest – Rm. Valcea – Cluj – Dej – the final destination! Maramures. The place where the landscapes take your breath away and where the wooden churches rise to the sky. But until we get to Maramures, let me tell you a little about the Turda salt mine… It’s on its way. Deserve!

the tunnel leading to the salt mine

It appeared in famous shows about travel, there were whole articles dedicated to it and slowly, being restored, it becomes an important objective of that area.

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The program is between 09.00-17.00 and tickets cost 20 lei for adults, 12 lei for retirees and 10 lei for pupils, students and children. Dress thicker. It’s about 12-14 degrees in the mine so it’s cold. And at the exit expect to be full of salt. The salty air inside is deposited on clothes. As prices in the salt mine we find – 5 lei / person at the big wheel (8 minutes), 10 lei / person / 30 minutes at the mini golf course, 10 lei / person at the bowling alley, 10 lei / person at the boat ride, rent the sports field is 100 lei / hour, renting the amphitheater is 200 lei / hour, renting a tennis table 10 lei / hour, and renting a pool table 0.2 lei / minute. You will need about 2 hours to visit. Time when you can get everywhere by elevator or stairs. Interesting on the stairs is how at each level he writes the year he got there. I recommend the stairs only for those who are thinner and are used to the effort. I think there are 15 levels down to then up to the boats about 8-10 more.

Turda Salt Mineis it high or deep ??

I never had the feeling of claustrophobia given by a closed space. That’s probably because the space is huge… I really wondered – did the workers / miners who dug here imagine how big that hole would get? Probably not. Anyway, it’s a place I highly recommend. Regardless of the season, take your time and go see probably the most beautiful salt mine in the country!

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