As work begins on the investment objective “Green public transport line using low-pollution electric or hybrid motor vehicles”, from Monday, October 4 to December 3 this year, traffic will be restricted for the construction of the street, sidewalks and of the bicycle tracks on General Grigore Bălan street on the section between the roundabout from Bistricioarei street and the roundabout from Petre Ispirescu street, without affecting the traffic in both directions.

The execution of the works for the arrangement of the bicycle tracks and of the circulation route for the electric buses foresees the modification of some streets from Bistrița and their reconfiguration.

The Green Line project envisages the rehabilitation of the road infrastructure on a new public transport route, which crosses the city from east to west, through the center, operated by electric vehicles. In addition to the creation of the new public transport route (Unirea – Calea Moldovei – Gen. Grigore Bălan – Bistricioarei – Petru Rareș Square – Unirii Square – Dornei – Gh. Șincai – Independenței – Libertății – Viișoara) operated with electric vehicles, the modernization of the roadway is foreseen. and adjacent areas, by remodeling parking lots, sidewalks, green spaces and bike paths. The European money project also involves the construction of 42 current bus stations and two terminal stations.

In June, the budget of the Green Line project was increased by over 10 million lei (over 2 million euros), from 58,823,323.26 lei to 68,899,677.03 lei, money that represents ineligible expenses on European funds and which must be paid by the municipality. From the total ineligible value of 14,719,236.78 lei, the VAT of 3,740,105.43 lei will be recovered, related to the expenses regarding the supply of electric buses.

The works will be carried out by MIS Grup Anieș, association leader, together with Drumserv from Mureș, Electrogrup from Cluj and a series of subcontractors.

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