By Claudiu Loghin.
Posted: 03.09.2021, 17:15.

Updated: 03.09.2021, 17:16

Hundreds of women from the largest poor community in Brașov County are participating, starting this fall, in an Internet course and using a tablet or computer. The lessons organized by a social NGO from Brașov should help mothers who have not had contact with the virtual environment to guide their children and give pensioners the opportunity to manage when they need it. For example, when you need to make an online appointment with your doctor.

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Dorina is one of the students from Gârcini neighborhood, Săcele municipality. He is 60 years old and before retiring he worked in the factory. He didn’t have much contact with technology, but he wants to learn.

Dorina Simoiu, student: I am retired and I want to learn to work on the internet and especially on the tablet. I want to learn for myself to be able to help my children, to submit an application or appointments to the doctor

At the first lesson, Dorina didn’t even know how to open a tablet. After the fourth lesson, he already masters the first notions.

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Dorina Simoiu, student: I learned how to open a tablet, I learned how to get on the internet, how to make a floder. Did I express myself well?

Felicia Martinescu, instructor: The ladies who came to the class only know how to use the mobile phone and that at a minimum. For me, interest comes first. When there is interest from the student, things go well

More than 200 women enrolled in these courses

Like Dorina, another 200 women from the area come to these lessons. They are organized in series of ten students, and the daily lessons last 2 hours.

Lady: To be able to learn how to work on tablet, laptop, computer because this is how I can help my children online with homework. In case we are in a pandemic again, we will help the children

Andreea Socaciu, NGO president: We want to expand. There is a great need, a mother even told us that in the last series, on online tablets, she did not do very well to help her children.

The course is organized by a social NGO from Brașov, the Association for Community Partnership. Gârcini neighborhood is one of the poorest areas of Brașov County.

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