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The head of a local branch of a famous fast food restaurant used this function to send women abroad for prostitution.

The 33-year-old man has been remanded in custody for 30 days, but his decision has already been challenged, according to Antena 3. The accusations brought by prosecutors from the Organized Crime and Terrorism Investigation Directorate are serious: three trafficking offenses of minors and another crime of human trafficking for which they risk spending years behind bars.

The girls were recruited through advertisements. They all came from disadvantaged families, wanted to get to town, get hired, and were willing to make any sacrifice to get a job. They interviewed this director and then worked in that extremely well-known fast food restaurant in Brasov, after which they were exploited. Although they worked there, they were forced to have sex with various people, including foreigners. It all came to light after the girls started talking.

Another case, discovered by DIICOT last month

Last month, the policemen of the Ploieşti Organized Crime Brigade, together with the DIICOT – ST Ploiești prosecutors, implemented 3 house search warrants, in Ialomița County, at the homes of people suspected of child trafficking and pimping. 7 arrest warrants have been implemented, IGPR announced in a statement. Between February and July 2021, the suspects allegedly recruited several women for sexual exploitation, seeking to obtain material benefits. They allegedly offered their sexual services in the municipalities of Ploiești and Constanța.

“Also, in the activity, against the background of promises to strengthen an emotional relationship and ensure a better life, one of the men would have involved a minor,” says IGPR.

Metoda ‘Loverboy’

The IGPR also sounded the alarm about the aggressors’ methods of approaching victims. “One method often used by human traffickers to recruit young women and then sexually exploit them directly or sell them to other traffickers is the Loverboy method or the lover method. The trafficker can be a person known or who has a common acquaintance with the victim, her entourage and uses her personal charm, playing the role of lover.

The victim is convinced that she is living a beautiful love story until her “boyfriend” begins to make proposals that are increasingly difficult to accept: to have sex with other people for money, only until the financial situation of the trafficker will improve, work in the sex industry: prostitution, erotic massage, video chat; to run away from home without the knowledge of the family to live a life abroad for two, to break any connection with family or friends.

Sometimes, the mirage of the love story is broken only when the victim is simply sold to another trafficker, most likely abroad, where she will be sexually exploited.

The method is used by young people who have certain physical qualities and communication / persuasion skills, the victims being very young, inexperienced girls, often from an environment where they do not benefit from adequate emotional and financial support. ‘, Informed the Romanian Police.

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