THURSDAY, AUGUST 19, 2021, 2:40 p.m.

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From the first plane to the last tractor, the factory in Brasov was a flagship of the country. In good times, up to 30,000 workers entered the gate of the Tractorul factory, and the products were sent for export. Egypt, Iran, Turkey and even the USA were the destination countries for thousands of tractors a year. All those who were involved in the bankruptcy of UTB say today that it was a huge mistake that this factory was not saved. That things could work, even the former director of the Factory proved. After the liquidation of SC UTB SA, he bought the manufacturing license of the U 650 tractor from Flavius ​​Investiţii, the company that bought the assets of the former company. And not just the license, but the tools and dies. Instead of the Factory, a mall, office buildings and a residential complex were built.

Romanian farmers were not only deprived of Romanian tractors, but also of subsidy programs. False Italian farmers have defrauded the “tomato” program, says an OLAF report. But Romanians are fighting not only with foreigners, but also with their prime minister. Cîțu wants to laugh at all the programs launched by PSD. How do Romanian farmers fight, what problems do they face and what solutions do they have? Everything, tonight at the Backstage of the Parallel State, moderated by Anca Alexandrescu.

Also from 18, we enter the backstage of the day and analyze the latest movements on the liberal front.

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