A city break in Iasi.

Because we have become accustomed to doing city breaks only in cities in foreign countries, we lose sight of the fact that we have exactly the same possibility to do this at home. Why not a city break in Iasi?

So what can you do in Iasi in a city break both culturally and religiously or simply as entertainment.

1. The Palace of Culture in Iasi

The first on the list is the National Museum Complex “Moldova”, which brings together four museums and The clock tower.

  • Art Museum
  • Museum of the History of Moldova
  • Ethnographic Museum of Moldova
  • “Stefan Procopiu” Museum of Science and Technology

In fact, it is the Palace of Culture in Iasi about which you can find an extensive article here.

A tour of the museum takes a few hours so get ready for it.

Or you can climb the clock to see the panorama of the city live and listen to the stories

Immediately next to the Palace is Palas Mall Iasi which is also very large. Shopping to high standards, believe me!

2. At the big fight with the 1st place is “Eminescu’s Lime”.

Located in Copou Park, almost in the middle of the park, it has a venerable age of over 500 years, it has undergone many treatments but it seems that it handles very well being green and strong. In front of it is a bust of the great poet and is the place to take pictures for tourists. And if you still arrive in Copou, walk through the park because it is very nicely arranged.

eminescu's linden

3. University of Iasi

Your path passes and stops obligatorily at the University of Iasi in the Hall of Lost Steps. Here you have a kind of 3 in 1! Balasa + library + classroom.

The murals of Sabin Bălaşa in the entrance hall are a magic. It covers about 300m2 of the main building of the University, and was designed by the master of unicorns and cosmic silhouettes between 1968 and 1978. No ticket is paid so you can visit quietly. Also here you can find the most beautiful library in the country! University of Iasi Library. And also the Classroom. Which is amazing !!




4. The Metropolitan Orthodox Cathedral of Iasi.

A religious goal this time is just as close. We are talking about the Metropolitan Cathedral of Iasi. The resting place of Saint Paraschiva since 1889. The Metropolitan Cathedral of Iasi was built during the reign of Ioan Sturdza, prince of Metropolitan Veniamin Costache, between 1833 and 1842, according to the plans of the Austrian architects Johann and Gustav Freiwald. After an interruption of 40 years, due to the fall of the central vault, the construction is resumed, through the care of Metropolitan Iosif Naniescu, between 1880 and 1886, the architect being Alexandru Orascu. It was inaugurated in 1887, the Cathedral being painted by Gheorghe Tattarescu.

It is a place of pilgrimage, no ticket is paid but only the queue is there if you want to kiss the relics of the Saint.

inside the Cathedral

the relics of Saint Paraschiva

Also here you can find the metropolitan museum from Iasi, hosted by the basement of the Cathedral. The seven halls of the museum host exhibits related to religion.

5. Bojdeuca lui Creanga.

How to get to Iasi, to see Teiul Lui Eminescu and not to go home to the poet’s best friend, Ion Creanga. Bojdeuca lui Creanga is the house where the writer lived between 1872 and 1889 and is the first memorial house in Romania, has two rooms arranged on either side of an entrance hall, and became a memorial museum on April 15, 1918. There he will you come across the lady Nina Purcaru. You’ll enjoy!! Not only the house but also the stories about him. Do you want to see the real salt? Here is!



a pinch of salt

6. George Toparceanu Memorial House.George Topîrceanu

At a street of Bojdeuca lui Creanga you can find the memorial house of George Toparceanu. Do you know

After so much cold and fog
The sun is showing again.
From now on, it doesn’t freeze us
Nose and feet!

Spring. By George Toparceanu.

We all learned this poetry in school… But you will find out that it is much more than that. Things no one told you at school. A genius and a visionary. A perfect artist is waiting for you to discover him. Deserve. You can find the program and the ticket price here.

7. Oscar Restaurant in Iasi.

Such a trip definitely makes you hungry and the best place to sit down is the Oscar Restaurant in Iasi. A perfect feast. Everything you need to know about him you can find here.

restaurant oscar

8. SPA Unirea

A caroling day can be ended in the best way at SPA Unirea. Hosted by Unirea Hotel (you can’t miss the building because it is the navel of the fair) it offers you a remarkable experience. Swimming pool, massage, body therapies, body remodeling, hammam, saline, facial treatments, manicure, pedicure or cosmetics. Emotional shower, dry and steam sauna. A multitude of possibilities for relaxation. You can find all the details about this place here.

hotel union

spa union

Up at the top of the hotel, find Panoramic restaurant, the place from where Iasi can be seen to its edges.

And if you want a truly remarkable experience in Iasi, calatoriaperfecta.ro will recommend the best guide in Iasi. Florin Barhalescu. An avalanche of stories and details about the city, its past and the celebrities who lived or passed through Iasi. Experienced and calm as a Transylvanian, this Dobrogean who lives in Iasi will offer you a wonderful city tour. Everything we didn’t write plus hundreds of other things you’ll learn from him.

We can only invite you to a city break in Romania. You will not be sorry. The cultural capital of our country has a lot to offer!

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