On Tuesday, the National Audiovisual Council authorized the Travel Mix television station to broadcast in 8k format. The station currently broadcasts in SD, HD and 4K format, and the 8K version will be available both in the Diaspora TV application as well as in various cable TV and IP-TV networks, according to bucurestitv.net.

8k resolution requires the highest level of technology, with a quality 16 times higher than the HD format.

“Travel Mix has entered another technology league today, it is an older goal of ours. We broadcast 2-year programs in 4k format and we want our evolution, it is a journey full of editorial and technological challenges.

8K TVs have been available in supermarkets for several years now and we have seen a 50% drop in prices from year to year. We estimate that in the coming years they will reach the most affordable prices.

8k content can also be found on digital platforms such as Youtube. Travel Mix is ​​also the first station in Romania to give up the SD format, a format in which it has been broadcasting for more than 11 years. There are many special objectives and tourist destinations that deserve to be promoted in step with the technology of the moment.

I would like to thank my colleagues from the Travel Mix team for this performance as well as the viewers who appreciate the Travel Mix programs, said Laurentiu Megelea, the station’s representative.

Travel Mix television produces tourism-themed documentaries and reports and promotes tourism in all its forms.

source: bucurestitv.net

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