By Claudiu Loghin.
Posted: 29.08.2021, 19:28.

Updated: 29.08.2021, 19:28

It was devastated in the country due to torrential rains. Hundreds of houses came under water, and gusts broke bridges and even roads. In some areas it rained for a whole month, and the water exceeded more than a meter. Helpless in the face of raging nature, people had nothing to do but count their damage. And the danger is not over yet!

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Claudiu Loghin, Observatory reporter: “This is what one of the households in which the water entered this morning looks like after two breaches were created in the Băcel stream. At this point, in the house, in the yard and in the stable, the water reaches to the waist. The animals were taken from this household because everything, everything was flooded “.

In Brasov it rained in just a few hours for a whole month. A cloudburst broke through the houses and courtyards of the people and swept away the road.

Claudiu Loghin, Observatory reporter: “Agricultural equipment is compromised. And people say that for at least 4 years they have not seen rains of such intensity “.

The locals were helpless witnesses to the fury of the waters.

Local: “Everything went down the ravine, fodder, animals, agricultural equipment. It’s about tens of thousands of euros. “

Broken dike on Ghimbăşel brook, in Brașov

The dam on the left bank of the Ghimbăşel brook broke, and the gendarmes and locals filled sacks with sand, against the clock, to limit the damage.

Cătălin Văsii, prefect of Brașov: “The alluvium that came from the mountain swelled in Ghimbăşel brook. The flow exceeded the normal flows 100 times “.

Allen Coliban, mayor of Brașov: “The capacity at which these dams were designed was exceeded by this rain. Unfortunately, we had to learn in this way that we need to raise them. “

After the flood, people went out to make an inventory of the disaster.

Local: “Look what’s here, I picked up the pigs in the trailer. e jale. Water in the house “.

Local: “I am 50 years old, there has never been water here. The water is up to the knees, everything is compromised “.

The streams also destroyed a part of the road that connects Brasov with Ploiesti. The waters brought to the valley pieces of trees, gravel and debris of all kinds.

At Padina, the flood broke a road with the power of an excavator

It was bad in Dâmboviţa, in Padina. The waters broke a street, and pieces of asphalt were carried along the river. The whirlpool dug into the foundation of the road with the power of an excavator. Huge trees were cut down and blocked everything.

24 tourists remained isolated on the Padina plateau and at the Brătei chalet. The people asked for help, but when the rescuers reached them, many changed their minds and did not want to go down. Only one person suffered a panic attack.

He also poured the bucket in Argeş. 20 houses were flooded

At Curtea de Argeş, the roof of a block of flats was thrown directly over cars.

Several tourists staying near the Râuşor dam were stuck in the cottage after the road collapsed and a bridge was destroyed by the alluvium coming from the mountain.

And the danger is not over. 11 counties in the center of the country are under the orange code of floods until tomorrow morning. And in southern Transylvania, northern Oltenia and Muntenia, the quantities of water will exceed even 60 liters per square meter. And half of the country is still under the yellow rain code. With storm warnings, strong wind, thunder and lightning. Hydrologists are also on alert. There is still a risk of flooding on several rivers in the country.

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