From After the Walls to Sub Tâmpa, drawing the cultural park, Amural will reinvent and revitalize the natural and historical areas around the Brașov Citadel. The content of the festival was designed to open the towers and bastions during the day, and tonight to become screens for video projections. Between the towers and bastions of the city will be art installations, music scenes, social stops and urban interventions.

Symbolically, the stage at the Black Tower will be this year under the sign of poetry. The curator and poet Robert Elekes invited Adi Schiop, Lena Chilari, Teona Galgoțiu, Florentin Popa and Radu Nițescu here.

But poetry is not just about reading. Cenaclub and Gura Mare will enliven the poems by turning them into video poems. Astra cinema he also enters the Amural circuit for the first time with an exhibition in the display spaces on the facade of the building; the works exhibited here are part of the project Poster x Poem, a collaboration between Romanian poets and illustrators.

An exhibition of his Ovidiu Hrin, the appreciated designer from Timișoara, will follow his experiments in typography and calligraphy. In the same exhibition there will be an interactive installation dedicated to the personality of Andrei Bodiu signed by Marius Jurcă.

The most important space for Amural remains, as every year, Popular cinema. Near the end of the renovation process, Popularul will host the Daydream v5 installation signed by the duo NONOTAK, one of the most influential digital art studios in the world.

To take full advantage of NONOTAK Studio’s presence in Brașov, Amural organized a discussion with members of the famous studio and local artists on August 19, at the Sub Tâmpa Leisure Complex. The day before, on August 18, the people of Brasov met with Laszlo Bordos, the video-mapping artist born in Brasov, who gave a presentation on how we came to make projections on buildings and the history of video mapping.

From August 26, the Leisure Complex will also host the main music stage where they will perform Ada Milea and Bobo, Norzeatic and Quinta Spartă, Moonlight Breakfast, Corina Sîrghi and Taraful Jean Americanu alongside local artists like Mara Halunga, Dex sau Mezzin. Access to concerts will be based on tickets and proof of vaccination, up to 300 seats per day.

Brassai Square will be occupied by his installation Radu Ignat – Hope and the exhibition of the Brașov photographer Horațiu Șovăială.

The Black Tower will host the international new media team X-Art with visual experiments from the ground floor to the glass pyramid on the top floor.

The Tower of Arts will contain the exhibition CoLaboratory, the result of the digital residency of 7 artists from Romania and Moldova together with 7 German artists. And in the evening, near the tower, Animest brings animations for all 4 days of the festival.

The Funeral Tower will be occupied with Poster x Poem. The Hunters’ Tower will receive German artist Dawid Liftinger with his pendulum of light. And in the Wooden Tower you will meet Megan Dominescu with textile works.

At night I take the reins visual poets, the community of Romanian video artists – Noetic, Adistu, Atmann, Ramio, Visceral, InDialog, Kooma.

Cote and Sillyconductor bring the interactive work to Amural MetaOrganum. Originally created as a method of artistic exploration of the organs of evangelical churches, MetaOrganum comes out for the first time on the façade of the Hunters’ Tower. The audience will be able to interact with the projection through lasers, and the projection will respond to them musically.

The most impressive projection screen remains the facade of the Andrei Șaguna National College which will be animated by the artist of light-art and video-mapping Senpai Stuff.

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