I have written several times that I happily joined the team dealing with the “Destination of the Year” project, probably the most important project to promote Romania and its treasures in the year of grace 2021. What has happened so far? Tens of thousands of people nominated regions, cities or villages, and the most nominated reached the final of 6. These are: Banatul Montan, Braila, Iasi, Danube Delta, Oradea and Tara Maramuresului which are now competing for the title of Destination The year 2021 in Romania.

What does the destination of the year mean? It does not mean the most beautiful destination, it does not mean the destination with the most famous or spectacular monuments, it means the destination worth visiting. And this is a combination of places to see, experiences to have and especially people, people involved in promoting the community, people who care about their city or region, people who will greet you with a smile on their face, people who love their city or region. , people who organize. I wrote on this subject here.

Who chooses the destination of the year? First BUTTER, together with the team of explorers who went and filmed in each destination last month (it was an intense program, but judging by the images, very nice) and finally, the jury of which I am an honor.


Participate in the process of choosing the Destination of the Year in Romania. Enter here, on the site Destination of the Year and vote for your favorite destination. The process is simple – you have buttons for all 6 finalists, click on one, fill in your email address and in a few seconds you will receive a validation email and that’s how you voted for your favorite.

Are you from that region? If you love her a little, you can lend a helping hand in promoting her.

Aren’t you from that region? You must have been somewhere in one or more of these regions and one fell on your trunk. Give him a helping hand!

And if you have time this afternoon at 17:30 you can see the show dedicated to Iasi on Prima TV.

The shows that have been so far have been dedicated to the Danube Delta and Braila and you can see them here —-> The Danube Delta and Braille

Vote here ——–> https://www.destinatiaanului.ro/

And by the way, tell me who you voted for. Possibly and why 🙂

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