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Orban stressed that President Klaus Iohannis “wants a progressive PNL”, but called on the Liberals to “defend their values”.

“Mr. Cîțu, we look at the motion that won the Congress and we see that it has nothing from the national vein, from what the natural relationship with Christian morality means, the defense of the Romanian village. The whole party knows that Iohannis wanted the party to be rather progressive. I do not know why. A bit of a wind not very much to the taste of Romanians and of Central Europe in general, which is against the national identity, which tries to deny some things that are naturally established in our society for a long time. This does not mean that we must be something other than we are, we have our specifics, our personality, we must defend our values ​​no matter what the wind blows “, said the former leader of PNL.

Orban also accused that the decisions taken by Prime Minister Florin Cîțu blew up the country’s stability and led the party to a level of trust below that of the Dăncilă Government.

“Although we ruled in a pandemic, the PNL got a decent score in the parliamentary elections. We had the ability to build a decent, honorable coalition, with an absolutely necessary governing program for Romania. Why did he have to destroy this coalition? Why destroy PNL? When it is obvious that Romania faces, like the other countries in Europe, some challenges to which it must give an appropriate answer. Romania has huge opportunities that do not spring only from European funds or PNRR. Romania can become an economic power of Central and Eastern Europe. It has a well-prepared population, it has everything it needs, why blow up and create a political crisis that leaves citizens defenseless, without institutions to make decisions to defend their institutions? I can’t understand …
I don’t know what Mr. Iohannis is after, but he has been repetitive in recent months. The PNL must stand on its own two feet. He remained repetitive in relation to democracy and in relation to the PNL. How can you support a candidate for the PNL presidency who will no longer be prime minister, who has made PNL fringes, destroyed the coalition, has no prospects, has a 10% confidence share. The Dăncila government was almost 20% confident.
The change of the Minister of Justice could not be made by Cîțu without the consent of President Iohannis. I guarantee you this “, said Orban.

In this context, the former PNL leader was asked about the option of suspending the head of state.
“Iohannis certainly violated the Constitution: how to get involved in a party’s internal elections. Getting involved in internal elections is a serious violation of the Constitution. The suspension procedure can only be initiated by one third of parliamentarians. Don’t ask me what I would do if a suspension referendum were reached … “, Orban answered.

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