Visual Fan, the Romanian technology company founded almost 20 years ago in Brasov and which is recognized for the Allview brand, was listed today, July 26th, on Bucharest Stock Exchange’s AeRO market. The company’s shares will be traded under the ticker ALW. Allview attracted RON 15.5mn from the capital market investors, through a private investment made prior to the listing. The funds will support the financing of the company’s current activity, in order to accelerate sales and intensify the promotional activity.

`We are proud to have on the stock exchange a new entrepreneurial company, which operates in a field as dynamic and competitive as the IT&C market. The creativity and hard work that Allview team has been doing for almost 20 years, since its establishment, as well as the results it achieves every year, demonstrates resilience and vision. Allview listing is an important moment in the company’s development, and we are glad that you have taken this step. It is a double joy for us, as Allview was one of the 2018 edition of Made in Romania finalist companies, program carried out by BVB, and we are glad that the partnership started three years ago materialized today by ringing BVB’s bell`, said Radu Hanga, Bucharest Stock Exchange President.

`The listing of shares is a landmark of the efforts of the entire Allview team and the successful conclusion of a project started with the selection among the 15 finalist companies of the 2018 edition of Made in Romania program, organized by Bucharest Stock Exchange. On one hand, we are experiencing a moment of satisfaction at the end of this stage: we have demonstrated that we are a strong company, whose ability to perform in the dynamic market of electronic devices has gained another certification from investors who have joined us as shareholders, following the private placement. On the other hand, a new path lies ahead: in 2022, we will celebrate Allview brand 20th anniversary in a new role, as a listed company, which motivates us to come up with new innovative products on the IT&C market, through which to we respond to the growing demands of customers and to obtain business results to prove that we are an attractive issuer on BVB`, said Lucian Peticila, Allview founder and CEO.

Allview’s listing comes after a private placement carried out on April 23rd, through which the company attracted RON 15.5mn from the capital market investors. During the placement, a number of 111,100 shares were sold to 161 investors, out of which 32 qualified and 129 retail, at a price of RON 140/ share. The anticipated capitalization of the company amounts to RON 155.5mn. The private placement and the listing were carried out with TradeVille’s support. The company intends to be an active player on the capital market and to continue using the market mechanisms for financing and development.

`With Allview listing, we see how more and more well-known brands in Romania choose the stock market as a way to finance, stimulate growth and reward employee performance. TradeVille, the most active retail broker in Romania, is honored to be an important part of this process. We would like to thank on this occasion the investors who guarantee with their trust and capital this beneficial phenomenon for the entire economy and the entrepreneurs who have the vision to write history together with us on the Romanian capital market`, said Ovidiu-George Dumitrescu, CFA, TradeVille Deputy CEO.

Allview is a company with 100% Romanian capital, which has confirmed its visionary and pioneering status when it comes to technology, with a diversified product portfolio. It was founded in Brasov, in 2002, and produces smart phones, Smart Home systems, tablets, laptops and other gadgets. It launched the most complex Smart Home system in Romania (2016), AVI – the only voice assistant in Romanian (2017), it was among the first companies in Europe to conclude a direct partnership with Google Android TV™ (2019), thus being the first Romanian brand that adopted QLED technology (2020). Allview constantly invests in research and development and aims to create a smart robot – personal assistant in the long run.

The company registered in 2020 a net profit of RON 23.3mn, an increase of almost 13 times compared to 2019, when the profit was RON 1.8mn. The company’s revenues in 2020 increased 4 times compared to 2019, from RON 93.3mn in 2019 to RON 406.4mn in 2020 on all business lines. Between 2018 and 2020, the company’s customer portfolio grew significantly on all sales channels. On the recurring line of business (electronic devices), the most important sales segment is represented by retail, which has a share of 59% of the total volume, while the second segment as importance is that of sales to operators, with 25% out of the total. Allview delivers products to over 10 countries, the most important being Poland, Germany and the Baltic States. The company had 79 employees at the end of 2020.

The founder of Visual Fan S.A., Lucian Peticila, owns 82.8% of the company’s shares. The Allview shareholding structure also include Manuela Peticila with 4.5% of the shares, Camelia-Stefania Cotuna with 2.7%, and the remaining approximately 10% of the shares are owned by individuals and legal entities and represent the company’s free-float.

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