A magnitude 4.7 earthquake shook Transylvania, near Brasov, on Wednesday at noon.

4.7 magnitude earthquake in Transylvania. The earthquake occurred 53 km from Brașov, at a depth of 154 km


On September 1, 2021, at 13:32:08 (Romanian local time), an average earthquake with magnitude M (EWS) 4.7, at a depth of 154 kilometers, occurred in Transylvania, Covasna County, INFP reports.

The earthquake occurred near the following cities: 53 km NE of Brasov, 92 km SW of Bacău, 107 km N of Ploiești, 154 km W of Galați, 156 km NE of Pitești, 157 km NW of Brăila, 158 km E of Sibiu, 164 km N of Bucharest, 177 km SW of Iasi, 220km SE of Cluj-Napoca.

The most important earthquake this year also had a magnitude of 4.7 on Richer and was also felt in Bucharest. The quake struck on May 26.

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